The New

My senior thesis project at Boston University gave me full liberty to create the project of my dreams. I created an experimental cafe, including its concept, branding, a 200+ page book, an interactive table setting installation, and numerous other design deliverables.
Art Director
Graphic Designer
Adobe InDesign
Feb - May 2023
Senior Graphic Design Studio

View the comprehensive process with a virtual flip-through of The Nea Coffee Book

Thesis Statement

To jumpstart my brain, I require the presence of a refreshing iced drink and music that correlates with the weather; my tastebuds need a wake up call and my brain needs to feel sound vibrations. My desk should remain mostly clear, although I may have hidden last night’s coffee-stained mug behind my laptop. How do you work? Are you someone who sets a timer? Or do you work with short bursts of energy? Or perhaps your psyche requires adequate natural lighting, or a slight breeze through the holes of your sweater.

The “third space,” coined by American sociologist Ray Oldenburg, refers to social environments and gatherings that foster community and personal interactions, separate from our homes (“first place”) and the workplace (“second place”). Enter The Nea, a fictional concept for a new “third place” that explores how our environment affects the way we work and reimagines traditional café experiences to support three broad working styles and personalities: [1] Open & Collaborative [2] Private & Focused [3] Artistic & Inspired

By reaching a deeper understanding of the relationship between environment and motivation, I use design as a tool to reconceptualize conventional interactions with menus, food, drink, and tools for productivity. The Nea seeks to demonstrate that the design of work environments plays a fundamental role in fostering the creativity and productivity of an individual, while simultaneously building a sense of community that is essential for human flourishing.